Furniture Cleaning

You don’t walk on your upholstery like you do with your carpets. So, naturally it’s thought that your upholstery does not require the same cleaning maintenance schedule that your carpet does. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Often times you should get your upholstery cleaned every 1-2 years to maintain your upholstery’s fabric and to promote cleanliness and freshness.

Another problem often comes from spots and spills that will happen over time. Even if you manage to clean up the spill and do not have any evidence of any lingering liquids the effects of sugar residue can still be present within the upholstery fabric and will cause oils to attract to those sugars and your upholstery like fly paper. The often results are dark grey or black round rings. Even if you clean the spots with water often times the minerals found in water, like icon and manganese, can potentially cause the same problem as sugar residue.

Our Process

  • Pre-conditioning: Your upholstery is composed of oils, greases and more. This type of soil is not able to be broken down by hot-water alone. That's why we apply our enzyme pre-conditioning to the fabric prior to extraction to emulsify soil.
  • Scrub oil infected areas: After applying the pre-conditioning we then proceed to scrub the fabric with an industrial scrub brush that's made to be tough yet gentle to any condition upholstery fabrics. This will agitate the oil barrier and in combination with the pre-conditioning ensure the best cleaning results.
  • Hot-water extraction: After the enzyme pre-conditioning and the scrub brush agitation we then start the familiar process of the actual cleaning extraction. This step will remove the pre-applied pre-conditioning and suspended soil from the surface leaving the carpet fresh, clean and free of all residue. This process is most important because the used solution and soiled is removed from the upholstery. We clean all exposed fabric along with any cushions and pillows that are apart of the upholstery set.
  • Additional applicators: After the cleaning process we then apply any pet sanitizers and upholstery fabric protectants. These chemicals are not harsh and are and pet-friendly. These chemicals are applied after the cleaning so they are not removed during the extraction process. In some cases however, sanitizers my be added to the steam bath. After applying any additional applicators we then move back your upholstery to it's proper location making sure we leave it out from any walls or other furniture to ensure that the damp upholstery does not do any damage to anything else. We will also strategically place your pillows and cushions in a way that promotes the fastest drying times possible.

Most upholstery takes anywhere from 3-5 hours to completely dry. Drying times may varying depending on type of fabric and oil build-up. We also offer dry cleaning for fabrics that are not able to be steam cleaned.


  • What type of upholstery does Steam King clean?
    • All Synthetics
    • Leather
    • Microfiber
    • Prints
    • Denim
    • Suede
    • Satin
    • Wool
    • Silk
    • Haitian Cotton
    • Velvet
    • Burlap

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