Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is a large investment. As a homeowner your carpet is one of the bigger purchases you will make. Getting your carpet cleaned by Steam King at least once a year (6 months for heavily soiled carpet) to maintain and prolong your carpet. Keep your carpets fresh with our hot-water extraction system. Our cleaning process removes most water soluble spots and spills, and also breaks down traffic lanes that have an oil barrier build-up over time.

Our Process

  • Pre-conditioning: Your carpet is composed of oils, greases and more. This type of soil is not able to be broken down by hot-water alone. That's why we apply our enzyme pre-conditioning to the carpet prior to extraction to emulsify soil and to ensure the best cleaning results.
  • Hot-water extraction: After the enzyme agitation we then start the familiar process of the actual cleaning extraction. This step will remove the pre-applied pre-conditioning and suspended soil from the surface leaving the carpet fresh, clean and free of all residue. This process is most important because the used solution and soiled is removed from the carpet.
  • Additional applicators: At this time we place back any moved furniture and properly protect them from the damp carpet. Then, we apply any other applicators. Such as, pet sanitizers and carpet protectants. These chemicals are not harsh and are green and pet-friendly. These chemicals are applied after the cleaning so they are not removed during the extraction process. In some cases however, sanitizers my be added to the steam bath.

Our certified cleaning technicians are trusting to answer any and all questions to ensure you and your carpets are taken care of


  • Why should you get your carpet cleaned once a year?Carpet also acts as a reservoir for dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, pesticides and other materials which may originate indoors or be brought into the indoor environment from outside.
  • What should you expect when your Steam King technician arrives?Your cleaning technician will go over all these steps in more detail when they arrive at your home. Every home is different and takes a certified technician to investigate your carpet to fully be able to determine your needs.

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